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Thomsen-Ellis Co.

American, active 1910s-1920s

No Gender (Business or Collective)

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Thomsen-Ellis Co. was a partnership of William Edward Thomsen (President & Treasurer) and Frank T. Ellis (Vice President & General Manager). In the late 1910s and early 1920s, George S. Gibson was President, A. Roszel Cathcart was Vice President and S. George Wolf was Secretary. Thomsen-Ellis Co. are listed as the Proprietors of Munder-Thomsen Press in 1921 in Baltimore. Munder Thomsen seem to have predated Thomsen-Ellis.

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Thomsen-Ellis Co. has 2 locations.

Studio or Business (1917-1923 or later)

Gay & Water Streets
Baltimore, MD

Studio or Business (1920)

233 Broadway
New York, NY