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Blauvelt & Co.

American, active 1870s

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Peter I. Blauvelt started Blauvelt & Co. around 1869. Edward A. Blauvelt was sometimes a partner, though he appeared only intermittently in city directories. In June, 1872, Blauvelt & Co. advertised a position for a "First Class advertisement solicitor for the best fancy advertising medium ever put before the public; good for any class of advertisers; rates low and commission large." This was possibly reference to the production of stereoviews of a business, and printed with the firm's name and address, examples of which are in the New York Public Library collection. Such "fancy advertising" was not particularly uncommon.

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Blauvelt & Co. has 4 locations.

Studio or Business (1869-1870)

77 Nassau Street
New York, NY

Studio or Business (1872-1873)

233 Broadway
New York, NY

Studio or Business (1874-1876)

299 Broadway
New York, NY

Studio or Business (1880)

105 4th Avenue
New York, NY