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Richard D. Crum

American, 1831-1913


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Richard D. Crum took up photography sometime between 1855, when he was a wagon maker and 1860, when the census notes him as a photographer in Dix, New York. Around 1870 Crum and the family were in New York City, where he worked as a grocer until 1872. He had returned to photography in Dix by the 1875 New York Census. By 1880 the family had relocated to Watkins Glen, and his son Frederick had also become a photographer. By 1900, Crum was retired to Monmouth, New Jersey, and later to Long Branch, where he died in 1913, just weeks after his wife's death.

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Richard D. Crum has 4 locations.

Birth (February 11, 1831)

New York, NY

Active in (1860-1875)

Dix, NY

Active in (1880-1897)

Watkins Glen, NY

Death (December 30, 1913)

Long Branch, NJ