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Amos Morrel Allen

American, 1823-1907


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Advertisements for the studio of Amos Morrel Allen in the 1870s say that he was established in 1852. John S. Craig puts him in Columbia, Pennsylvania that year. His marriage license in 1853 indicated that he was then a daguerreotypist in Pottsville. In June, 1857 a newspaper notice said that Allen had bought the rights to produce photographs on leather, "the most durable and portable style now taken." In April, 1859 he advertised the sale of a furnished photo gallery in Tamaqua, "with three years of an unexpired lease, and will be sold cheap." In February, 1891, a fire broke out in the cellar and first floor of the building of which his studio occupied the second and third floors. The studio did not burn, but suffered some smoke and little water damage. In August, 1894 he sold the studio and retired.

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Amos Morrel Allen has 6 locations.

Birth (March 31, 1823)

Deerfield, MA

Active in (1852)

Columbia, PA

Studio or Business (1853-1873)

1 West Market Street
Pottsville, PA

Active in (1859)

Tamaqua, PA

Studio or Business (1877-1893)

101 West Market Street
Pottsville, PA

Death (July 15, 1907)

Pottsville, PA