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Warren F. Allen

American, ca. 1838-1923


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Warren F. Allen was a mechanic or carpenter in Rindge and Jaffrey, New Hampshire throughout the 1860s. He first appeared as an artist on the birth index of a daughter in 1869. That child, like others in 1862 and 1868, did not survive their first year. He was a photographer in Jaffrey on the 1870 census and a wheelright in 1880. In 1910 he was in Minneapolis, again a carpenter, and was a widowed farmer in Downey, California in 1920. He died in Los Angeles in 1923.There was a Warren P. Allen who was also a photographer in New Hampshire in the 1860s who was, in fact, a different person.

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Warren F. Allen has 3 locations.

Birth (November 12, 1837)

Rindge, NH

Active in (1869-1870s)

East Jaffrey, NH

Death (November 30, 1923)

Los Angeles, CA