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Israel F. Alger

American, ca. 1827-1907


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Israel F. Alger was a farmer in Winchendon at the time of his marriage in 1853, and they were for a time in Makee, Iowa. He was back in Winchendon and an artist (photographer) at the time of his draft registration on July 1, 1863. By 1882 he was no longer in the photography business. He briefly ran a hotel in Hillsborough, Florida, but returned to Winchendon and was a saw filer into the early 1900s. Alger was a resident of the City Almshouse of Fitchburg, a widower and suffering senility when he died following a fall on December 26, 1907.

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Israel F. Alger has 3 locations.

Birth (ca. 1827)

Winchendon, MA

Active in (1863-1874)

Winchendon, MA

Death (December 26, 1907)

Fitchburg, MA