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Albert C. Townsend

American, ca. 1827-1914


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Albert C. Townsend was a photographer in Springfield, Massachusetts by 1867, and may have been active in Columbia, Connecticut before that. By 1874 A. C. Townsend & Co. advertised not only pictures, but also minerals and shells. This became the main focus of the business, and Townsend was listed as a minerologist in directories after 1875. In the 1880 census, however, he was identified as a photographer. He remained in Springfield until 1889, but it is unclear whether he was engaged in photography.After a period of farming in Wilcox, Arizona, Townsend, 87 years old and destitute, was admitted to the Monroe County (New York) Almshouse in 1914. He died there months later.

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Albert C. Townsend has 4 locations.

Birth (ca. 1827)


Active in (1850s)

Columbia, CT

Active in (1867-1880s)

Springfield, MA

Death (August 18, 1914)

Rochester, NY