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J. B. Fairbanks & Son

American, active 1870s-1880s

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George C. Fairbanks had just joined his father John B. Fairbanks in his book and stationery firm in Natick, Massachusetts when, in January, 1874 a fire destroyed the town's business district. J. B. Fairbanks & Son had losses of $8,000 and was insured for $4,200. In addition to "fancy goods," including stereo views, Fairbanks & Son were distributors of Boston papers, and in 1882, the firm bought the local Natick Bulletin. In 1886, Natick's 200 newsboys went on strike over wages. By 1891, the elder Fairbanks ran the book shop under his own name, while George published the Bulletin and other papers.

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Studio or Business (1873-1889)

16 Main Street
Natick, MA