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Frank B. Emery

American, born 1849


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Emery appears in the Gazetteer of Washington County, Vt., 1783-1889 as a "clerk for his father John C., bds 20 Elm". John C. (died December 27, 1888) was a "dealer in carpets, wall paper, crockery, china, glassware, lamps and chandeliers" at 48 State St. This establishes Frank B. Emery, also born in VT ca. 1849, in Minneapolis in the 1880 census and in city business directories (1880-1884) as clerk, then manager of Folds & Griffith.Emery is identified as the successor to Charles H. Freeman on a card mount in the Darrah collection.

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Frank B. Emery has 4 locations.

Birth (1849)


Studio or Business (1870s)

South Main Street
Montpelier, VT

Active in (1880s)

Minneapolis, MN

Active in (1900s-1930s)

Philadelphia, PA