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A. E. & A. J. Alden

American, active 1860s-1870s

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A. E. & A. J. Alden was a partnership of brothers Augustus Ephriam and Adoniram Judson Alden. The latter had worked in the elder brother's studio in Providence for several years before becoming full partners about 1868. They opened branches in Saratoga Springs, Troy, New York City and Springfield, Massachusetts. This name seems to be dropped from usage about 1874, and Augustus moved to Boston. Adoniram continued in Providence. From the late 1870s into the early 1900s one or both of the brothers used the name Alden Photo Co.

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A. E. & A. J. Alden has 5 locations.

Studio or Business (1860s-1870s)

Franklin Square
Troy, NY

Studio or Business (1868-1874)

62 Arcade
Providence, RI

Studio or Business (1868-1870)

Broadway opposite Congress Park
Brown's Hotel Block
Saratoga Springs, NY

Studio or Business (1869-1874)

Main Street
Springfield, MA

Studio or Business (1869-1871)

954 & 956 Broadway
New York, NY