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Dobler & Dawson

American, active 1870s

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Dobler & Dawson, a partnership of Charles W. Dobler and Frank H. Dawson, were active in Beloit, Kansas by July, 1879. On January 5, 1881, Dawson died of typhoid pneumonia. By the end of the year, a brother of Dobler had joined the studio, and by the following year the name changed to Dobler Bros.In April 1888, it was noted that Mrs. Dobler had "returned" to Phillipsburg, Kansas with a new partner, J. S. Dawson of Illinois. In July, Dawson had bought out Dobler's interest in the studio.

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Dobler & Dawson has 2 locations.

Active in (1879-1882)

Beloit, KS

Active in (1888)

Phillipsburg, KS