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Gates Bros.

American, active 1860s-1880s

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Gates Bros. of Watkins, New York entered stereo views for copyright in 1865. Though the studio was not found in directories or advertisements in the 1860s, George F. Gates was a photographer in Watkins Glen, New York on the 1870 federal and 1875 census. No brothers were identified there. By 1879 he was a photographer in Syracuse, and by 1883 he was in Chicago. In 1885 he was joined by William H. and W. D. Gates as Gates Brothers, publishers. W. D. left within a year, William the following year. George Gates was a photographer alone in 1888.

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Gates Bros. has 2 locations.

Active in (1865)

Watkins Glen, NY

Studio or Business (1885-1887)

3703 Lake Avenue
Chicago, IL