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Alexander Allen

American, born ca. 1834


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There is an Alexander Allen, artist, in Maine, Cook County, Illinois on the 1870 census. Stereoscopic views in the New York Public Library bear the label of a portrait and landscape photographer with this name in nearby Dunton, Illinois. Dunton was a planned town in Cook County that, some time after the arrival of the Illinois & Wisconsin Railroad was known as Arlington Heights. In 1880, the same man was a machinist in Wheeling. In 1874, Alexander Allen was a parter with William B. Rose in Rose & Allen, photographers in Chicago. The city directory indicated that Allen resided in Dunton. The partnership was short lived, and did not appear the following year.

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Alexander Allen has 3 locations.

Birth (1834)


Active in (1870s)

Dunton, IL

Studio or Business (1874)

46 West Madison Street
Chicago, IL