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Babbitt & Tugby

American, active 1860s

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Babbitt & Tugby was a partnership of Platt D. Babbitt and Thomas Tugby. Tugby was a dealer of photographic frames in Niagara Falls as early as 1857, and in 1871 it was reported that he was building a three story building which would become Tugby's Bazar. Babbitt died in 1879. Their precise dates are not found, but they were likely in operation in the mid to late 1860s. In an 1867 New York State directory, both men were listed separately as offering "Indian Curiosities" under the heading of Fancy Goods.

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Babbitt & Tugby has 1 location.

Active in (ca. 1850s-1860s)

Niagara Falls, NY