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Marius von Bucovich

American, 1884-1947


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Immigration documents list his birth year as about 1883 or 1885, depending on the ship record, with birthplace of Pola, variously listed as Italy or Austria (it is now known as Pula, Croatia).Bucovich was a regular photographer at Karl Schenker's studio in Berlin; and took over the studio in the late 1920s. His work was shown in the US at the Fourth International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, the Third International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography Seattle Camera Club, and the 15th and 16th Annual Pittsburgh Salon of Photographic Art at the Carnegie Institute.

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Marius von Bucovich has 3 locations.

Birth (February 16, 1884)

Pula, Croatia

Active in (1920s)

Berlin, Germany

Death (November 30, 1947)

Mexico City, Mexico