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Frederick W. Allderige

American, 1857-1909


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Frederick W. Allderige arrived in the US in February, 1875 and, having learned from his father William Allderige, was a photographer in New Britain by 1878. Stereoscopic views in the New York Public Library collection from that year are labeled William Allderige & Son, though it is not clear whether "& Son" was Frederick or his brother John, who was also a photographer. A notice in the Hartford Courant December 23, 1882 reads: "Frederick H. Allderige of Plainville, has sold his photograph gallery in New Britain and has removed to Waterbury, to engage in the same business with his brother, John W. Allderige." However, he continued to be listed in New Britain as a photographer as late as 1901. Subsequently he was a collector for the gas works. Like his father, he became active in local politics. After an illness of about a year, he died at age 52 in New Britain.

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Frederick W. Allderige has 5 locations.

Birth (1857)

Great Britain

Studio or Business (1878-1887)

337 Main Street
New Britain, CT

Active in (1883)

Waterbury, CT

Studio or Business (1888-1898)

353 Main Street
New Britain, CT

Death (September 20, 1909)

New Britain, CT