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Warren P. Allen

American, 1843-1905


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Warren P. Allen began his career as a colorist in the studio of his father, Chester Allen in Keene, New Hampshire by 1860. He was a photographer there when he married Adelia C. Bullard in Ashby, Massachusetts on May 30, 1864. He was a photographer in Winchendon, Masachusetts by 1867, and in Gardner the following year.From 1890 to 1894 he was listed as either a lithotype or gelatine printer. In 1896 and until his death in 1905 he was chief of police.There was a Warren F. Allen also working in New Hampshire in the 1860s who was, in fact, a different photographer.

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Warren P. Allen has 5 locations.

Birth (March 18, 1843)

Ashburnham, MA

Active in (1860-1864)

Keene, NH

Active in (1867)

Winchendon, MA

Active in (1868-1894)

Gardner, MA

Death (July 2, 1905)

Gardner, MA