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Image of Joseph Albert from Wikidata
Image of Joseph Albert from Wikidata

Joseph Albert

German, 1825-1886


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Joseph Albert opened a portrait studio in 1850 in Augsburg, specializing in art reproduction. He participated in the 1854 "Allgemeine Deutschen Industrieausstellung". In 1858 he moved to Munich and became the first Royal Bavarian Court Photographer [Könglich Bayerischen Hofphotograph], in 1868 Albert invented the "Alberttype" and exhibited it in the III. Photographic Exhibition in Hamburg. [EC - summarized from Zw. Beidermeier & Gründezeit cat.].

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Joseph Albert has 3 locations.

Birth (March 5, 1825)

Munich, Germany

Active in (1850s-1886)

Munich, Germany

Death (May 5, 1886)

Munich, Germany