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Gertrude Dobkin

American, born ca. 1887


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Gertrude Dobkin arrived in the US from Russia about 1904. In 1910 she lived with brothers Gregory and William, both photographers and partners in the short-lived Dobkin Bros. studio. By 1920, she was a photographer, herself. At that time, William had his own studio and Gregory had moved to Atlantic City, where he had boardwalk studios for the rest of his life. It is unclear whether he also maintained the studio at 507 8th Avenue, as it is always credited simply as G. Dobkin. Several Gertrude Dobkins married in the 1910s through 1930s, but it is unclear whether any were this photographer.

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Gertrude Dobkin has 2 locations.

Birth (ca. 1887)


Studio or Business (1920-1932)

507 8th Avenue
New York, NY