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Rudolph Raffius

American, born 1883


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Raffius was born in Budapest, and was investigated by the FBI in 1917 and 1918 on suspicion of being German. He was at the time working for Underwood & Underwood. Agents noted his poor language skills and the fact that he was photographing various industrial facilities as suspicious. In transcribed statements in the report, Raffius states that he was naturalized in 1916 in Detroit after arriving in the US in 1902. A passport application from 1920 indicates that he travelled then to South and Central America for Underwood & Underwood in that year. In 1942 he travelled in South Africa. His draft registration card of that same year lists him as unemployed and living with Mrs. P. Lehmann in Grafton, NH.

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Rudolph Raffius has 4 locations.

Birth (1883)

Budapest, Hungary

Active in (1916)

Butler, PA

Studio or Business (1920)

271 Hayes Avenue
Queens, NY

Active in (1942)

Grafton, NH