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Alexander Charles Kalt

American, 1878-1959


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Alexander Charles Kalt married Marguerite Holler in 1901, and took over the studio of his father in law Henry Holler upon his death in 1903. The Holler Studio continued until at least 1924. It is unclear whether Marguerite died or the couple divorced, but Kalt remarried in 1928. The Holler Studio was presumably closed by that time. He and his new wife moved to Malverne, where he continued as a photographer in the 1930s. By 1940 he had retired to Miami Beach, where he died in 1959.

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Alexander Charles Kalt has 4 locations.

Birth (August 11, 1878)


Studio or Business (1902-1924)

984 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

Active in (1930s)

Malverne, NY

Death (November, 1959)

Dade County, FL