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Dacre T. Arnold

American, 1837-1907


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Craig's Daguerreian Registry lists D. Arnold on Beeket Street, though it is actually Becket Street. The Philadelphia directory for 1860 lists a Caroline Arnold, widow of John at this address. She does not appear in the 1861 directory, but there is a Dacre T. Arnold, photographist, on 1233 Nagle. Neither street is found on contemporary maps of Philadelphia. His military records indicate chronic lung disease as early as 1861. Aside from this one mention of photographic work, he is otherwise listed as a painter, living alternately in Dayton, Ohio, Canton, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. It is unclear whether he died in Dayton or Philadelphia.

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Dacre T. Arnold has 4 locations.

Birth (July, 1837)


Studio or Business (1860)

1640 Becket Street
Philadelphia, PA

Studio or Business (1861)

1233 Nagle Street
Philadelphia, PA

Death (1907)