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Alexander Munsell

American, born ca. 1822


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John Craig lists an A. Munsell in Frankfort, KY as well as a Munsell of Red Rock (having neither first name or state). A. Munsell is likely Alexander Munsell, who later appears in Dubuque, IA. There is a Red Rock, IA, though no evidence is found of Alexander Munsell there. It is reasonable to guess, however, that both of Craig's entries point to the same daguerrian / druggist. He is in Dubuque by 1856, and by the 1860s is a publisher. It is not known if he continued practicing photography.

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Alexander Munsell has 4 locations.

Birth (ca. 1822)


Active in (1851)

Frankfort, KY

Active in (1853)

Red Rock Township, IA

Active in (1860s-1910s)

Dubuque, IA