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Ensminger Bros.

American, active 1870s-1900s

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James Madison and Jefferson C. Ensminger opened their Ensminger Bros. studio in Independence, Iowa in August, 1876. James was the operator and Jefferson the colorist. They stayed in Iowa at least until 1885, but 1886 the brothers moved the studio to Jacksonville, Florida. In 1900, Jefferson was in Sanford, Florida, and James was in Washington, Iowa. Although they were no longer in the same location, they continued to issue photographs under the name of Ensminger Bros. Jefferson died in Sanford in 1912. James was a retired farmer in Iowa, but moved to Sanford and took up photography again around 1930, the year of his death

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Ensminger Bros. has 3 locations.

Studio or Business (1876-1885)

3 Main Street
Ungerer's Block
Independence, IA

Studio or Business (1886-1887)

Park Avenue & Commercial Street
Jacksonville, FL

Active in (1890s)

Sanford, FL