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Geoffrey Roland Ballance

English, 1874-1934


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An August, 1908 profile of Ballance states that Ballance, an Englishman, had taken up photography some 12 years prior (~1896). His location is given as St. Moritz as late as 1912; at some point thereafter he relocated to England, before moving to Menton, France in 1919. The journal of the Royal Photographic Society reports his death in 1935.

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Geoffrey Roland Ballance has 5 locations.

Birth (November 20, 1874)

London, England

Active in (1900s-1910s)

Saint Moritz, Switzerland

Active in (1919)

London, Greater London

Studio or Business (1919)

Villa Saint Charles
Menton, France

Death (April 28, 1934)

Dumbarton, Scotland