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Mary Frances Doe

American, born 1860


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Mary Frances Doe was an amateur photographer and member of the Boston Camera Club in the 1890s. She exhibited in a number of amateur exhibitions during this time. In 1904 she married Whitney Conant in Lexington, Massachusetts, and by 1908 they had moved to New York City. On the 1920 census they are enumerated as guests in a hotel on Broadway, the address of which is given on passenger lists throughout the 1920s and as late as 1933. Mary Conant is listed as married on each, though she traveled alone repeatedly to England and Europe. It is not known whether she continued to make photographs.

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Mary Frances Doe has 3 locations.

Birth (July 14, 1860)

Boston, MA

Active in (1890s)

Boston, MA

Active in (1903)

Lexington, MA