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Hannah F. Mumler

American, 1832-1912


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In 1859 and 1860, Mrs. A. M. Stuart, an "artist in hair" appeared in Boston directories. From 1861 until 1863, that name is replaced by Mrs. H. F. Stuart, also making jewelry for hair. In 1864, "Mrs. Stuart" is a photographer at the same address. Although she married William H. Mumler in October of the previous year, she was still listed as Mrs. H. F. Stuart, jewelry manufacturer, in 1865. Her photography, like that of her husband, apparently involved photographing spirits. She assisted in a portrait session with Mary Todd Lincoln in 1872, which produced an image of the widow with the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. She was not listed again as a photographer in city directories or censuses, though she remained involved with spirits as a "mesmeric physician" or "magnetic healer".

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Hannah F. Mumler has 3 locations.

Birth (February, 1832)

Marblehead, MA

Studio or Business (1864)

258 Washington Street
Boston, MA

Death (March 20, 1912)

Boston, MA