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Charles F. Bretzman

American, 1867-1934


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Charles F. Bretzman, born in Germany, arrived in the US in 1885 and was naturalized on October 4, 1892 in Chicago. He appeared in the Chicago directory for the first time the following year. In 1894 he partnered with William L. Koehne as Koehne & Bretzman. The partnership lasted until 1898, and Bretzman remained in Chicago into 1900. He established a studio in Indianapolis in 1902 where he remained a prominent photographer until his death from pneumonia in 1934.

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Charles F. Bretzman has 6 locations.

Birth (July 26, 1867)

Hanover, Germany

Studio or Business (1894-1898)

189 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL

Studio or Business (1902-1905)

142 South Illinois Street
Indianapolis, IN

Studio or Business (1906-1914)

22 North Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, IN

Studio or Business (1915-1933)

108 North Pennsylvania Street
Fletcher Trust Building
Indianapolis, IN

Death (January 19, 1934)

Indianapolis, IN