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Image of Dr. Joseph Berres from Wikidata
Image of Dr. Joseph Berres from Wikidata

Dr. Joseph Berres

Austrian, 1796-1844


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At 21 Berres became a professor of anatomy at the University of Lemberg, without having ever received a doctorate. In 1830 he became a professor at the University of Vienna. Experimented with ways of reproducing daguerreotypes and microphotography. Died on Dec. 24, 1844 in Vienna.Invented "Phototypie" (a heliogravure from a etched daguerreotype) and announced the process on April 5th, 1840. The announcement appeared in the Wiener Zeitung on April 18,1840.reproduced view of the Ferdinandsbrücke, the facade of the Academy of Science, the Stephansdom in Vienna, Kaiser Franz, a painting of Judith und Holophernes, a scene of Venice, etc. [EC]

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Dr. Joseph Berres has 2 locations.

Birth (March 18, 1796)

Göding, Austria

Death (December 24, 1844)

Vienna, Austria