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Gilbert & Bacon

American, active 1870s-1920s

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Conrad M. Gilbert and William F. Bacon were partners in Gilbert & Bacon in 1875. In 1879 the gallery expanded, opening a branch on Arch Street. By 1881 the branch was operated by M. R. Hemperly. In May of 1883, Gilbert diversified his business interests by purchasing "the whole stock, subsidies, grants and franchises of the Ottawa and Gatineau River Railroad and the Ottawa Colonization Companies of Canada." In August the following year he was taken by at least $15,000 in another real estate deal by an agent who fled with his mortgages. In December, 1888, Gilbert left the company, though Bacon continued under the name of Gilbert & Bacon. In February, 1893 Hemperly bought the firm and its 125,000 negatives. Bacon was evidently still involved in the gallery, and continued to be listed in directories as operator of the gallery. Other members of the family continued the studio as late as 1925.

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Gilbert & Bacon has 5 locations.

Studio or Business (1870s-1900s)

Atlantic Lawn
Cape May, NJ

Studio or Business (1875-1888)

40 North 8th Street
Philadelphia, PA

Studio or Business (1879-1892)

820 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA

Studio or Business (1889-1916)

1030 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

Studio or Business (1917-1925)

1624 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA