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Henry DeWitt Moulton

American, 1828-1893


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Henry de Witt Moulton worked at the famed Gurney and Fredricks studio in New York, joining before 1855. In Lima he had been contracted to work at the Pease studio. He arrived there in 1859 and his contract expired a year later in 1860. He was then affiliated with the studio of Pedro Emilio Garreaud, owned by Amandus Moller. In 1862 he had his own studio in Lima. He returned to the U.S. sometime between mid-1863 and 1865. Moulton's negatives were printed by Alexander Gardner in the book "Rays of Sunlight in South America" (1865).Born Nov. 14, 1828 in New Hampshire.

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Henry DeWitt Moulton has 5 locations.

Birth (November 14, 1828)

Bedford, NH

Studio or Business

349 Broadway
New York, NY

Studio or Business (ca. 1862)

Calle de Ica 18
Lima, Lima

Studio or Business (1868)

Main Street & Myrtle Avenue
Spencer, NY

Death (December, 1893)