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PIC ID: 1933

John C. Taylor

American, born ca. 1845


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Taylor's primary occupation was secretary of the Connecticut Prison Association, though he was a partner in various other enterprises on the side. Two were publishing ventures, specializing in Civil War views in partnership with William Huntington. Some time after 1884, Taylor had acquired a large collection of negatives by Matthew Brady, Alexander Gardner, and others previously in the posession of Col. Arnold A. Rand and Gen. Albert Ordway. Under the name of Taylor & Huntington, The War Photo & Exhibition Co., or his own name, he produced stereos and larger prints until at least 1903. An 1894 publication by The War Photograph & Exhibition Co. states that they have over 6,000 different views available. In 1907, the collection passed to Edward B. Eaton of Hartford, who embarked on his own publishing ventures with the images. After the death of Eaton in 1942, the Library of Congress acquired the collection.

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John C. Taylor has 5 locations.

Birth (March 24, 1845)


Active in (1880s-1900s)

Hartford, CT

Studio or Business (1881-1886)

17 Allen Place
Hartford, CT

Studio or Business (1889-1890)

2 State Street
Hartford, CT

Death (October 4, 1909)

Hartford, CT