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Howard Crosby Butler

American, 1872-1922


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Howard Crosby Butler studied history, art history and languages at Princeton University and architecture at Columbia University. He lectured at Princeton and the American Schools of Classical Studies in Athens and Rome throughout the 1890s. He led his first archaeological expedition in Syria in 1899, returning sevaral times over the next decade. He oversaw the excavation of Sardis (in Turkey) from 1910-1922. The New York Public Library has a seven volume set of photographs from his Syrian work, presumed taken by Butler, and many of them published as illustrations to his writings.

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Howard Crosby Butler has 5 locations.

Birth (1872)

Croton Falls, NY

Active in (1899-1909)


Active in (1900s)


Active in (1910-1922)

Sardis, Turkey

Death (1922)

Neuilly, France