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Bartlett & French

American, active 1860s

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Bartlett & French was a partnership of George O. Bartlett and William B. French in Philadelphia in 1869. Some sources say the partnership begain in 1867, but I find no evidence of this in city directories or newspaper advertisements. A notice in May of that year announced that Bartlett & French, "late of Philadelphia," had purchased the Globe Photograph Gallery of Reading, Pennsylvania. They continued to advertise there until October. Bartlett remained in Reading at least into 1871, but French evidently had left. Many views in the NYPL collection have printed title labels which have been trimmed so as to remove or obscure the studio name, suggesting that the stock may been sold after the dissolution of the partnership.

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Bartlett & French has 2 locations.

Studio or Business (1869)

911 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

Studio or Business (1869)

537 Penn Street
Reading, PA