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William B. M. Bashline

American, born 1863


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William B. M. Bashline was a photographer in Clarion, Pennsylvania, and likely had seasonal branches in smaller communities. In November, 1889 in Clarion, photographer F. M. Lewis ran the following notice in the paper: "This is to certify that Bashline, the itenerant photographer, is not in my employ, never worked for me, nor is he authorized to execute any orders for me at his 'offices.'" An ad for Bashline's studio ran in the same edition, though it made no mention of Lewis. In 1891, he sold his studio to his brother O. R. Bashline and announced his relocation to Alabama. If he went there, it was brief, as he was a photographer in Titusville, Pennsylvania by the following year. After 1895, no further mention is found of him as a photographer, though he occasionally gave illustrated lectures to church groups.

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William B. M. Bashline has 4 locations.

Birth (August, 1863)


Active in (1888-1891)

Clarion, PA

Active in (1890)

St. Petersburg, PA

Active in (1892-1895)

Titusville, PA