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Bishop Bros.

American, active 1870s-1880s

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William N., Henry Theodore, and James E. Bishop, sons of the Pennsylvania photographer Henry Bishop, partnered in various combinations at different times and locations as Bishop Bros. The first iteration found was a partnership of William N. and Henry Theodore in Cumberland, Maryland in 1874. The two were next found in Altoona, Pennsylvania in 1884, though in that year Henry T. Bishop relocated to Minneapolis. He ws still listed as a partner in the Altoona Bishop Bros. through 1890, though it notes his residence in Minneapolis. In 1892, the studio was bought out by Edward Kottman.In Minneapolis, Henry T. Bishop also used the name Bishop Bros., and was joined by youngest brother James E. Bishop in 1885. James returned east shortly and Henry T. was the sole partner by 1887, though he kept the name Bishop Bros. through 1889.Meanwhile, James was reported to have left Chambersburg to join his brother William in Altoona in 1886. Henry, the father, was still in Chambersburg, and it is possible that father and son had run a branch named Bishop Bros. at that time (undated stereo mounts indicate there was a Chambersburg studio at some point). Chambersburg papers in October, 1886 identify Rogers & Haffner as successors to Bishop. In March, 1887, Henry left to join his sons in Minneapolis. James seems to have given up photography for painting in Chicago. The name Bishop Bros. is last found in use in 1890.

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Bishop Bros. has 4 locations.

Active in (1874)

Cumberland, MD

Active in (1884-1892)

Altoona, PA

Studio or Business (1885-1889)

521½ Nicollet Avenue
62 Syndicate Block
Minneapolis, MN

Active in (1886)

Chambersburg, PA