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American Stereoscopic Co. (Boston, MA)

American, active 1865-1872

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The American Stereoscopic Co. of Boston, one of several, possibly unrelated companies with the name, was incorporated January 25, 1865 at 289 Washington Street. In 1865, Charles H. Wheeler is listed as the president of the American Stereoscope Co. at that address. An ad in the same volume for C. H. Wheeler & Co., General Commercial Merchants at the same address makes no mention of either the American Stereoscopic or American Stereoscope Co., but advertises the "Craig Microscope, Bellevue Stereoscope, and other articles." Wheeler & Co. offered stereoscopes and stereo views at this address since 1864. In 1865 and 1866, Jabez E. Walcott, stereoscope manufacturer, was at the address, and may have been affiliated with the company. The 1904 volume Obsolete American Securities and Corporations lists the American Stereoscopic Co. which was dissolved in 1872.

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289 Washington Street
Boston, MA