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Tobias Baruch

American, born 1891


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Tobias Baruch was already a photographer when he arrived in the US from Germany in 1912, and in 1917 opened Baruch Bros. photo studio with his brother Joseph. The partnership lasted until at least 1920, but he was listed as a machinist in the knit goods industry in the census that year. It isn't clear when he left New York, but he was a resident of Tuscon, Arizona in 1926 when he died there at age 35 from tubercular meningitis.

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Tobias Baruch has 3 locations.

Birth (June 21, 1891)

Torun, Poland

Studio or Business (1917-1920)

2858 3rd Avenue
Bronx, NY

Death (November 22, 1926)

Tucson, AZ