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Bela Zoltan Reiter

American, 1888-1957


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Bela Zoltan Reiter was born in 1888 in Kassa, Hungary (which in 2017 is Košice, Slovakia). It isn't known when he arrived in the US, but his draft papers indicate that he had previously served in the Austro-Hungarian Army. He was an illustrator for the McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. at the time of his enlistment in the US Army, and was a Private when he received an "Other than honorable" discharge May 4, 1918. By 1943 he was managing the Illustration Department for McGraw-Hill. The department included a photography studio, and Reiter was a member of the Photographers' Association of America, 1943-1949.

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Bela Zoltan Reiter has 3 locations.

Birth (August 8, 1888)

Košice, Hungary

Studio or Business (1943-1946)

330 West 42nd Street
New York, NY

Death (June 3, 1957)