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American Stereoscopic Co.

American, active 1890s-1920s

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American Stereoscopic Co. has no relation to the company of the same name founded by Langenheim, Loyd & Co. in 1857, or others which operated in the 1860s and 1870s. This company first appeared in New York directories in 1901, at the address occupied by Roddo Y. Young since 1898. Photographydatabase.org gives 1898 as the year of its inception, but that may be incorrect. In 1901, Young had published The New Era in Stereoscopy, and copyrighted it as the American Stereoscopic Company. The following year his name was not included when the company published Instruction Book.The company operated in New York from 1901 as late as 1920, though in April, 1906 The American Stationer noted that the company had incorporated in Newark with a capital of $20,000. The principals were Young, R. Keegan, and H. C. Schweir. Young and Keegan, it noted, were of New York city, and Schweir of Arlington. The company may have been acquired by Underwood & Underwood about 1915.

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American Stereoscopic Co. has 4 locations.

Studio or Business (1898-1899)

853 Broadway
New York, NY

Studio or Business (1900-1909)

725 Broadway
New York, NY

Studio or Business (1912)

3 West 19th Street
New York, NY

Studio or Business (1915-1920)

417 5th Avenue
New York, NY