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Bicknell & Brokaw

American, active 1880s

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Bicknell & Brokaw were proprietors of the "Great 5 Cent and Bargain Store." The chain sold household goods in branches in Lynn and Springfiels, Massachusetts, and Manchester, New Hampshire in the early 1880s. They also sold stereoviews with their imprint.

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Bicknell & Brokaw has 4 locations.

Studio or Business (1880)

79 Market Street
Lynn, MA

Studio or Business (1880-1882)

273 Main Street
Springfield, MA

Studio or Business (ca. 1880-1882)

1028-1048 Elm Street
Smyth's Block
Manchester, NH

Studio or Business (1882-1883)

116 High Street
Holyoke, MA